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SERENA is the perfect choice for a tropical beach holiday; a beachfront villa in the true sense of the word.
It is situated in the popular resort of Praia da Pipa, just south of the equator on the north east coast of Brazil.
The centre of Pipa with its cosmopolitan selection of restaurants, bars and shops is just 400 metres up the hill from Serena.

Serena, Pipa - Large tropical gardens for relaxation in your vacation home
Serena, Pipa - No swimming pool needed - sea view Pipa beach, Brazil

Your initial impressions will be the incredible view - palm trees, the beach and of course the sea stretching off to the distant horizon. From the villa, just cross over the path and the beautiful Praia da Pipa beach is directly in front of you.

Serena, Pipa - Hibiscus, tropical flowers garden of Serena - vacation rental
Serena, Pipa - A secluded quiet area in the garden for sunbathing
Serena, Pipa - Pipa Beach Restaurant in front of Serena
Serena, Pipa - Coconut Palm trees rustle in the breeze
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